Nictau Lake Sunset

An Evening on Mount Sagamook

I had my heart set on climbing Mount Sagamook. I am usually driving by Mount Carleton Provincial Park withou having enough time to stop, but tonight I had time. My heart sank a bit as the woman at the park gatehouse told me I only had enough time before dark to hike Williams Falls or

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Chitticks Beach Trail

New River Beach Trails

We arrived at New River Beach Provincial Park at supper time. After setting up the tent we headed to the beach. Tonight was dedicated to photography and exploring the beach. Tomorrow would be hiking. Tonight was going to be a full moon. A super moon. And I had used the photographers ephemeris app to tell

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Cape Jourimain Beach

Top 5 Beach Trails

What better way to cool off after a summer hike than to hit the beach. The following is a list of my top 5 picks for trails near sandy beaches in the province that are great for swimming. There are also many beautiful rocky beaches along the Bay of Fundy that are great for photography

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Raggedy Ass Falls 1

Top 5 Swimming Waterfalls

Bonus videos from 2015 at the bottom. The following are my favorite five New Brunswick waterfalls to swim in: 1. Moosehorn Falls – The Moosehorn Trail at Fundy National Park starts at Laverty Falls and travels down along Laverty Stream until the stream bed turns into rock. The large granite slabs have been carved by

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