Daly Point

NB Snowshoe Rentals

In winter the closest activity to hiking is snowshoeing. The biggest difference is that you need snowshoes to keep you from sinking in the snow. If you already own snowshoes you are ready. Just dress warm and get out there. If you don’t yet own snowshoes there’s good news! There are 32 places across the

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Hastings Cabin at Sunrise

Winter at Fundy Park

Day 1 – The Hike In It’s the simple things that give a deeper meaning to life. The busy-ness and constant distractions of our day-to-day rarely provide us with deep fulfilment. It’s only when you stop and look (really look) up at the billions of stars, or sit in front of a fireplace and talk

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Kelly's Beach Moonrise

2016 Year in Review

Happy New Year As I sit here and try to figure out how to use my new ultra-light camping stove that I got for Christmas, I am reminded of how far we have come. It was only last year that we took our first overnight hike. Then we started off 2016 by taking two winter

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Bridge Opening

People Behind the Trails – Barb Hoyt

The following blog post is part of the People Behind the Trails series that is meant to celebrate people who have a positive impact on hiking trails in the province. We hope it will inspire you to, in your own way, give back to the beautiful trail systems in the province. Here is Barb’s story:

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