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The Most Definitive Guide to Hiking in New Brunswick

Split Rock Falls Trail, Prince William

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Kid's Corner

Thank you to my artistic child Fancy Fish Doodles for creating this part of the website. You can check out their work on Facebook and Instagram.

We suggest getting your kids to color one of the coloring sheets and then taking them on a trail that has that animal. This will give them something to search for when they are out on the trail. Suggested trails to go with each sheet coming soon.

Chickadee Coloring Sheet

Chickadee coloring sheet

Sandpipers Coloring Sheet

Sandpiper coloring sheet

Muskrat Coloring Sheet

Muskrat coloring sheet

Mallard Duck and Babies Coloring Sheet

Mallard babies and Mom coloring sheet

Scavenger Hunt

Hike and Seek Scavenger Hunt sheet

Rusty and a Bee Coloring Sheet

Rusty and a Bee coloring sheet


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