Bonus videos from 2015 at the bottom.

The following are my favorite five New Brunswick waterfalls to swim in:

Moosehorn Pools
Moosehorn Pools
1. Moosehorn Falls – The Moosehorn Trail at Fundy National Park starts at Laverty Falls and travels down along Laverty Stream until the stream bed turns into rock. The large granite slabs have been carved by the stream to form many small waterfalls and pools. One circular pool even resembles a hot tub. There are so many small falls and pools to choose from that you won’t get bored.

Raggedy Ass Falls 1
Raggedy Ass Falls 1
2. Raggedy Ass Falls – This set of 4 waterfalls in the woods near Wirral have very deep pools. The pools are cut into the slanted rock plates that make up the stream bed. In the pool at the bottom waterfall (Raggedy Ass Falls 1) I couldn’t touch bottom. It is at least 10 feet deep. The pool itself is about 20 feet wide with a waterfall that’s about 10-12 feet high. The smaller falls just above that (Raggedy Ass Falls 2) has a pool that is formed between two plate rocks making it a deep V shape. It about 8 feet deep and about the same distance across. The third falls just falls over some boulders from the pool at the fourth falls. The top waterfall is a bridal type falls that flows out over a rock. The pool at the bottom is only about 4-5 feet deep but it is the largest and is the size of a medium sized swimming pool. If you go make sure you try swimming in them all.

Coac Falls
Coac Falls
3. Coac FallsCoac Falls in Upper Queensbury has a deep pool that is the perfect size to take a dip. The rock formations that form the stair steps of the large waterfall are very interesting to explore. You may see signs of crayfish on the rocks around the falls. One nipped my toe on my last visit but they are too small to hurt you. If that bothers you just tread water.

Sheepshouse Falls
Sheephouse Falls
4. Sheephouse FallsSheephouse Falls is in the woods to the north of Miramichi City. The large pool at the base of the falls is gravel bottom. It is quite deep and quite large. You can also walk behind the waterfall. It’s a great way to spend a hot summer day.

Howland Falls
Howland Falls
5. Howland FallsHowland Falls is easily accessible from Route 105 to the west of Mactaquac Provincial Park near Fredericton. Just a short walk over a steep hill and you are in a deep ravine that holds the waterfall. The pool at the bottom of the falls is about 5 feet at its deepest and large enough to take a nice swim. When I was there last the water was very cold, but very refreshing on the hot summer day.

Waterfalls make great places to explore during the hot summer months, whether they have a swimming pool at the bottom or not. Even wading through the stream or exploring a cool shaded ravine is a wonderful way to beat the summer heat. If you have a favorite swimming waterfall I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

The following video links are from waterfall swimming adventures in 2015.

Gibson Creek (Kilmarnock) Falls Trail Page

Fall Brook Falls Trail Page

Howland Falls Trail Page

Raggedy Ass Falls Trail Page

56 thoughts on “Top 5 Swimming Waterfalls

  1. I really enjoy Glen Moss falls for swimming, it has a very deep pool and ok above to ump off of. Also up stream a bit is a larger fall great for taking pictures.

    1. Moss Glenn is on private land, and people have died jumping off…no it is not safe, take it from a local.

      1. Not people. One person. 22 years ago. And it wasn’t from jumping it was from his inability to swim. The current landowners are great people. I don’t think they would mind you having a look. We use to have a rope rigged up to swing out….many days spent on the Glen as a local. Definitely walk up stream about 50 yards and there is about a 40 ft waterfall. Worth a look.

  2. We have never been to Glen Moss falls but it is now on our to-do list. The Kingston Peninsula is one of the few places in the province that we haven’t explored yet and it is high on our list. Thanks for the info.

  3. Moss Glen Falls are beautiful, especially after a lot of rain. The only thing that distracts from it is the garbage and bottles that people leave laying around and the trees that have been broken off or sawn off. There are a lot of very considerate people who have cleaned up the garbage and to them I say thank you. We’ve owned the property with 8 acres around it for a number of years and would like to pass it on to someone who would enjoy it with it’s natural beauty as much as we have.

      1. To Gynne Boye,
        Have you had any offers selling the property at Moss Glen? How many years have you owned the property, and what are you asking for it? I know the place intimately, while growing up my parents owned owned a property there. Art and Rosemary Weddell, it was red then and I believe white now. Parking was parallel to the road and a long deck across the front along the higher up. Email me at my name is Kevin Weddell.
        Thank you

    1. I was there last week and saw a HUGE house being built on the water. I (and several friends) were interested in purchasing the property but were dissuaded by the real estate agent and neighbours who all told us that a building of any sort was not allowed due to the size of the property. What gives?

      1. “Environment Minister” Margaret Blaney changed the province’s watercourse and wetlands alterations guidelines, so that building a septic field adjacent to the waterway became acceptable.

      2. Not sure why the real estate agent would tell you that. Looking at different properties around, there’s always a way to get things done. Always do your own research and approach appropriate committees or agencies. I believe it was just a matter or going for approval from the Environment people. Neighbours can be a great source of information or may have ulterior motives

  4. I was just had a ball jumping.and every falls we find we grab some garbage and take it back home to put in the garbage…and overall it maybe an upside I think for the nb waterfall book to be out because the areas are looking pretty clean from helpful people. ..compared to some local kids partying and leaving a mess behind in the past.

  5. I’ve been backpack camping at Coac Falls for a few years now, and it’s a great place to get out of the world for a while. Unfortunately, it’s being visited more and more by people that can’t respect the land. One time, a group showed up on ATVs while we were there for a weekend, built a fire and had lunch, then rode away, leaving all their trash and empty cans/bottles on the ground.

    My friends and I have started bringing a spare trash sack, just to have room to bring out the stuff others have left behind. Our province has a lot of great treasures like Coac waiting to be discovered, but please respect them. If you brought it in, bring it back out.

    1. If anyone visits Howland falls please, please, please take you trash with you when you leave. I visit many times a year as it is very close to home and lately people have dumped couches that I myself would never be able to get out, garbage everywhere, their shoes, and clothes. Respect it or we soon will not be able to access it as it is on private property which he has opened up and allowed the public to enjoy.

  6. That’s the double edged sword of providing information about these amazing locations on the internet. There will always be a small minority that can make a big mess. I try to follow the “Carry out more than you carry in” rule and I am glad to see I am not the only one.

    1. I own a piece of land in Gordon Falls and I would like people to stop leaving their trash behind. Some people don’t respect nature and other people’s properties.

  7. I used to swim at the Moss Glen falls all summer, every summer for years as a kid. My family had a cottage right there on the Moss Glen Road (now marked as “private property, no tresspassing” there a rope tied to a tree now, we used to dive from the side, high upon the rocks. I lived it there.

  8. When I was a kid dad used to take us swimming at silver falls. It was beautiful and you could dive off of the rocks where the falls started down to the water, about 20 feet! The pool was quite deep there but it ran off into smaller pools, 1, 2 and 3 feet deep so the whole family had lots of fun there. It was wonderful! Then Irving piped it off and filled it in. Ruined the whole thing! leave it to Irving!

    1. I too used to swim at Silver Falls – I grew of on Loch Lomond Road – I moved to ON as a young adult and my parents have both passed so haven’t been back to Silver Falls in years and didn’t realize that Irving piped it off. How sad.

  9. Quiddy Falls in Waterford is by far the most beautiful swimming waterfall I’ve seen yet. Deep beautiful pool and wide waterfall to swim under. You can jump off the waterfall itself which is about 10-15 feet, or if your really brave you can climb to the 50-60ft jump spot. Bit of a challenge to get to. Do not take a vehicle that’s drives low to the ground.

    1. We found Quiddy Falls previous to our moving to Waterford (where there are great falls and pools, as well) in the 1980’s. It reminded me of an old Walt Disney Movie, Swiss Family Robinson! I thought I had died and gone to HEAVEN! It is wonderful, and my family still visits frequently

    2. On the road to Martin Head right? I’ve been and as usual, I carry more out than I went in with, because that is the way I roll.

  10. Highly recommend buying Nicholas Guitard’s book, Waterfalls of NB!! All these falls are in the book along with many others complete with GPS co-ordinates!!

  11. Mullin Stream Falls is much better spot for swimming than Sheephouse Falls ,if in the Miramichi area ,just to bad people wouldn`t take their garbage back out ,pigs ,just PIGS

    1. I was at Mullin Stream Falls once about 20 years ago but haven’t been there since. Maybe I will try to get back this summer and take a garbage bag with me.

    1. They are both amazing places. Hayes falls is one of the larger falls in the province that runs down over a rock face that splits it around the rocks. We were amazed at the size of Gibson Falls last spring on our first visit. This is a large falls too but more because of the volume of water but it is two tiered and quite high also. It is a bit treacherous climbing down into the bowl that holds the substantial pond below. A rocky outcrop at the tops gives a view of the whole thing. Just be warned that it is a long and rough road to get there. No issues with getting there in a small car, just long.

  12. I own a cottage just up from Gordon Falls /Gibson .I have loved the area since I was a young girl.I have to say it’s best enjoyed when hiking the river after the head pond where allot of young jump .There are beautiful natural whirlpools and other magnificent rock formations .I have also been to Memmel ,Crooked creek and Quitty ,all are beautiful .Tganks for all the info provided on Glenn Moss ,I would love to see it sometime can anyone provide directions I do but gave the book referred too ?

  13. Gordon Falls in Elgin is lovely. The river has many different pools to swim in and the water is super clear

  14. I am a new person to hiking, and would like to take my teen grandchildren with me. Looking for an easy start and directions. Not finding many clear directions on the net as yet. Can someone direct me to a starting point for the falls around Nackawic? Also, where does one find the list with directions for other falls in NB?
    Thanks, Patricia

    1. Patricia,
      There are directions to most of the waterfalls on the trail pages on Hiking NB. You can find the waterfalls in two ways: 1. go to the Trail List page on the Hiking NB website, then use f and search for waterfalls. Then click on the trail link to take you to the trail page. 2. click on a region on the map and then click on the link that appears. Then click on the water icons to find links to waterfall trail pages. Click on the blue pin icons to open city/town pages, click on the green tree icons to open the park pages. Then click on waterfall pictures to find links to the waterfall trail pages. If you have additional questions about any of the waterfalls you find that isn’t on the website let me know. A link to Coac Falls near Nackawic can be found at:

      1. Try Garden Creek Falls .. . great for a junior. Its pqartway back towards town. Easy walk in, many levels. Let me know how you like it!

      2. Coac falls is a long hike for people new to waterfall searching. It tock us one hour in and one hour out walk today. But it’s so worth it. Hayward falls is easier to get to and in my option just as nice. Both were freezing today but refreshing .

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