Nictau Lake Sunset

An Evening on Mount Sagamook

I had my heart set on climbing Mount Sagamook. I am usually driving by Mount Carleton Provincial Park withou having enough time to stop, but tonight I had time. My heart sank a bit as the woman at the park gatehouse told me I only had enough time before dark to hike Williams Falls or

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Mount Carleton from Mount Bailey

Mount Bailey

I had the chance to hike Mount Bailey at Mount Carleton Provincial Park not once but twice in the last week. I didn’t make it to the peak either day but the first lookout was amazing. Instead of a regular blog post I created a video podcast for the trail. You can watch the video

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Lookout Platform

Sugarloaf Night

The lights of the city sparkled below as I stopped to rest. My legs wanted to continue to climb as if they held all of my excitement. My heart pounding in my chest wanted to rest. The moon was bright enough to outline the trail but the shadows from the trees, the intermittent patches of

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