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Trail Washout

A section of the Sussex Nature Trail along Trout Creek where the trail washed out. The trail has been rerouted back away from the bank. Sussex (Fundy Coastal East Region).


  • Eric on 2016-Apr-03 19:46:58 Eric said

    This is a beautiful walking trail along the brook and through the woods where one can see birds and occasionally deer. The washed out section has been repaired and those who did that piece of work are to be commended. One other section which needs attention is between Brookside Mini Home Park and the washed out section where water flows over the trail in a low-lying section making it difficult for walking unless one is wearing rubbers or can make a detour around it through the bushes. Some ditching and/or a pipe and some fill could correct this and make a great improvement for walkers, especially those with mobility issues.

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